Hello, I'm Debby.

As you begin to peruse this site, I offer you two bits of information, just in case you are wondering:

  1. My last name is pronounced "Her-Rock."
  2. I am married to a very talented web designer of the same last name.

Now please scroll at your leisure and enjoy!



The Story So Far

A common question often asked is "where are you from?"

Seems simple, until you ask me. I have lived in Phoenix for the past ten years, but I was born in California and also lived in Nevada, Texas, Nebraska and Missouri. Immediately following this response is always the same question, so I have just added to the end that my dad was not in the military, he was a banker (it's always asked). So needless to say, I have lived many different places, but each has offered a different experience and new people and has really shaped me as a person (in a good way).

My parents thought that I would thrive at one of two things when I began my career: a cast member on Saturday Night Live, or an advertising professional. I opted for the latter, though that does not stop them from making me the comedic entertainment at family get-togethers and reunions.

I would describe my personality as outgoing, funny, sarcastic and passionate, but if you ask my friends and co-workers, you would probably hear the before mentioned as well as type A, overly organized and very attentive to details. In other words, I am very prioritized and efficient both personally and professionally (and will gladly organize your closet if you ask).

Professionally Speaking

My career experiences have taught me that marketing is more than just appealing creative and catchy taglines; it's about achieving measurable results.

And more importantly, without sound operations, it does not matter how good your marketing is. It is always my goal to deliver integrated campaigns and strategic solutions that meet or exceed marketing goals, validated by quantifiable results.

With 10 years' experience in marketing and advertising, I have gained wide variety of experience in both an advertising agency setting and in retail and restaurant corporations. I have worked within a team setting to build brands through highly targeted, relevant tactics based on a strategy of differentiation.

I have spent the majority of my career managing fully integrated accounts utilizing strategic marketing, planning, research, traditional and online media, public relations and interactive marketing in order to implement strategic marketing initiatives to increase the business objectives. My specialties include client service, local-store marketing, audience segmentation and brand development as well as measurement and analysis of results that drive the direction of the marketing plan.

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I am seeking a position that will support your objectives and requirements utilizing my skills and expertise and welcome the opportunity to thoroughly discuss my capabilities and qualifications in terms of your company’s strategies and objectives.

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"Organized, smart, dedicated and team player are just a few words to describe Debby. Debby was part of the Off Madison Ave team for over a year. During that time she was a senior account manager for the agency. Not only did she work successfully with existing clients she frequently accompanied senior management to new business presentations. Debby is someone who can be counted on no matter the situation. She is a total team player and is always willing to jump in and help out others. Her wide skill set makes her a top candidate for many positions."

David Anderson, President/CEO/Co-Founder – Off Madison Ave

"Marketing and Advertising Rock Star. Debby knows how to build brands through highly targeted, relevant tactics that are rooted in an umbrella strategy of differentiation. She's like a Swiss Army Knife of marketing, as she's done it all (PR, print, direct mail, broadcast, research, events, digital). Super organized, self-motivated, and 100% fun to be around. Get her on your team, because she was a killer when she was on mine."

Jason Baer, Vice President of Strategy, Marketing, and Media – Off Madison Ave

"Debby is an account management expert. Her years of experience have given her a substantial history to draw from, and her natural personal relations skills and instincts are remarkable. Debby is also great with internal staff, balancing client needs with operational considerations allowing for successful engagements on both sides of the equation. Beyond professional attributes, Debby is also a kind and likable person, in my opinion, one of the top traits of any successful client manager. Debby can be counted on to hit deliverable dates, do right by her clients, and grow the agency's business, all with a smile, making the experience fun and rewarding for all."

Mike Corak, Director of Interactive Services – Off Madison Ave

"Whenever Debby is on a project, I know it will be on-time, on-budget and on-strategy given her hyper organized approach to her clients. She is the person pushing everyone and everything in the right direction."

Carol Klimas, Director of Public Relations – Off Madison Ave

"In the time I have known Debby, I find her dedication and enthusiasm are contagious. Debby is smart and approaches challenges head on. If she doesn't know the answer, she'll figure it out."

Roger Hurni, Partner & Executive Creative Director – Off Madison Ave

"I first worked with Debby at the Martz Agency, where she was the account manager for several large accounts I worked on regularly. It was then that I first experienced her skill in managing both complex projects and client expectations. When I got the opportunity to work with Debby again at Off Madison Ave, I was ecstatic. Not only did she bring her highly organized, deadline-driven style with her, but she also brought in-depth knowledge of strategic marketing -- and the ability to implement her knowledge on our clients' behalf. I worked directly with Debby on multiple projects at Off Madison Ave, including website development, creative campaigns, new business proposals. Regardless of the type of project, Debby was adept at keeping all the balls in the air, communicating with clients and delegating responsibilities. Whether in a strategic marketing role, a project management role, a client-focused role or any combination thereof, Debby would be an excellent addition to any team."

Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Content Strategist and Web Copywriter – Off Madison Ave

"Debby was a pleasure to work with because she is detail oriented and will do whatever it takes to get the job done and meet clients deadlines. She taught me a great deal through her past marketing experiences and I have been able to utilize several new tools in my career and strategic planning for other clients."

Heather Miles Austin, Account Manager – Off Madison Ave

"In claiming type A, Debby tells no lie. Her attention to detail is immaculate - she brings light to any hole. Debby's projects are always taken on with a thorough understanding of her clients and their goals. The ensuing strategic ideas for reaching those goals is a clear indicator of her experience and passion for marketing. To boot, Debby's wit is ceaseless. She never misses a beat."

Amanda Wolfe, Coordinator – Off Madison Ave

"Debby rocks! We worked together on a few accounts while she was at OMA and it was always a pleasure. Debby is very organized and is a great CRM. It takes a special type of person to thrive in an agency environment and Debby certainly does.

Will Smith, Search Marketing Manager – Off Madison Ave

"Debby was a pleasure to work with in the short time that we did so. She was able to manage her clients and their expectations very well. Debby took the initiative and resolved issues...and that was huge in that environment. She is also incredibly organized, and was instrumental in aiding others to do the same. I truly enjoyed working with Debby!"

Stacy Bayless, Vice President of Account Services – Martz Agency

"Debby accomplishes tasks with great initiative and with a very positive attitude. She is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate. Debby is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization."

Lisa Pearsall, Client Services – BSA Advertising

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